No matter whether it’s round or square guttering – make regular checks

Property maintenance is hugely important. Water damage is every home owner’s worst nightmare. If excess rainwater doesn’t drain off thanks to round guttering then major problems can start. Water damage is disruptive, long lasting and expensive to put right, so it pays to think carefully about guttering and to check on it from time to time. Prevention is after all better than cure.

Damage or blockages need to be dealt with properly. No matter whether people have square guttering, plastic, cast iron, round, it’s all irrelevant. What matters is that people take the time to check on and maintain it so any problems are picked up early and put right. A little time invested here can prevent the heartache of major problems later on.

The good news is that it’s really not hard to do. A quick check once every few months is more than adequate. Round guttering is the most common type used on most houses. It looks good and is highly effective at ensuring rainwater is kept away from roofs and walls. The most common problem associated with it are blockages caused by leaves, making autumn an especially important time to keep an eye on things.

Square guttering can get blocked too. The next major problem once autumn is out of the way is snow. This can clog things up just like leaves. It needs to be cleared right away and some de-icer always helps. Don’t delay and leave it until it’s too late to do anything about it.

It’s vitally important not to get complacent. By taking their eye off the ball home owners run the risk of serious damage that is all too easily avoided. Be proactive and make regular checks. It really doesn’t take much to stay on top of the situation and stop any problems from getting worse.

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