In the CGI age film props still matter

The cinema is still hugely popular. Even in an age of giant flat screen televisions and home cinema systems people still love to go out together and watch a film at their local picture house. A night at the cinema is always a magical experience. No matter how hard people try it’s impossible to replicate at home.

Modern films feature incredible CGI effects to render all sorts of details possible. From ancient Rome to outer space, technology is used to conjure up amazing effects. However, great film making isn’t just all about technology. Movie props still have a huge role to play in creating accurate and detailed scenes in all kind of different films.

Film props help to give a picture authenticity. Recreating different periods of history is a painstaking process. Everything has to be accurate. It’s what the audience expects. Tracking down all of the retro and period items required can be time consuming and exhausting. Thankfully dedicated hire firms exist.

These guys collect and store anything and everything. No matter how weird or wonderful an item is they’ll have it in the vaults somewhere. It’s a service that’s a real life saver for directors and producers.

People tend to think of films as being all about the actors. They often forget just how much effort and hard work goes in behind the scenes to create authentic sets and accurate costumes to help create the right scene and mood. It’s a huge undertaking involving all kinds of different unsung heroes behind the scenes.

It’s always interesting to watch a film several times. That way people can appreciate and enjoy every single detail. Some movies reward multiple viewings. Don’t forget to check out those film props and think about all the work that went into creating such beautiful shots and recreating historical scenes.

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