A Guide to Working at Height

If you or any members of your staff need to work at height for any reason, it is going to be important to know exactly how to keep those undertaking such jobs as safe as possible.

Whilst common sense is going to be important, there are likely to be many risks that are not obvious to a layperson, and many precautions that should be taken, both in terms of staying safe and simply to be sure that one meets all the relevant legal regulations.

If there are safety procedures in place, it is going to be extremely important to follow them. If there are set methods for the way in which tasks should be undertaken, then this will be for a reason, and following these processes precisely will be extremely necessary.

For those businesses that are new to working at height, taking a course might be the best way to understand the best precautions to take and the best equipment to help. The best fall arrest equipment will vary hugely from one industry to the next and it is important to make sure that you have a solution that keeps you as safe as possible without it becoming an obstacle to you getting the job done correctly.

For example, whilst a guardrail may seem like the best solution, other fall arrest equipment may be far more suitable for those who have complicated tasks to undertake or on any premises where aesthetics are extremely important.

Always make sure that you have had the relevant training in any task you undertake, both in terms of procedure and in terms of how best to use any safety equipment, be that lifelines or a guardrail.

Ultimately, safety always needs to be at the forefront of your mind, and ensuring that you take the safest route, and not just the quickest, is going to be integral.

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