Display Aluminium Products has a selection of the most aesthetically appealing pull up banner designs

Are you looking for a business with the capacity to get you noticed in an ever-changing and an increasingly competitive business world? Have you decided that the return on investment of online marketing is not for your particular product or service, and have decided on a more visual approach? If so then the pull up banner and indeed visually-appealing products of Display Aluminium Products are surely for you.

Established in 1998 Display Aluminium Products was founded to offer a service that was not typically utilised by a great number of businesses in South Africa. We decided that the supply of display equipment, such as pull up banner and exhibition stand designs was something that would sure give your business that much needed visual presence in a number of environments.

As a young and dynamic business there is little doubt that we have the capacity to deliver you those pull up banner and exhibition stands in a timely manner, and to the specific demands of our customers. Our portfolio of products includes over twenty standard designs, so no matter the shape and size of the pull up banner that you require then here at Display Aluminium Products we will can offer you a product to fit your purposes exactly.

From our seven thousand square foot factory we are more than equipped to provide you with a pull up banner, or any visual display, to your requirements. We use a wide selection of materials to suit the ever-changing needs of the display, promotional and exhibition industries. We have the capacity to manage large scale pull up banner orders with ease, and as a progressive business we are consistently seeking out new and innovative designs for pull up banner products, and indeed all manner of products.

To view the complete selection of the pull up banner designs, or indeed if you’d like to ask any queries of us, then please feel free to come and visit us online at: www.dap.co.za.



Pull Up Banner from dap.co.za. We offer complete display and exhibition systems. Visit us today if you are looking for an innovative and attractive Exhibition Stand.