Use a Bike Messenger for lean, green pedal powered logistics

How do you normally get documents and packages delivered in London? Bet you ring a courier company don’t you, a firm that used diesel powered vans without giving it a second thought. What if you could take a cleaner, greener approach to parcel delivery though, wouldn’t a Bike Messenger be a better alternative?

Ring a Cycle Courier and they’ll bike straight over to your office, hand the Bike Messenger a package and they’ll be on their way. The Bike Messenger will speed in out of traffic, they’ll deliver your consignment on time and the only type of fuel they’ll have used is whatever they’ve had for breakfast.

A Bike Messenger takes a different approach to logistics and they deliver a fast and effective service throughout the whole of the London area.

Look at the bigger picture with a Bike Messenger

A Cycle Courier is a speedy way to get letters from one side of London to the other, but how else can you use the services of a Bike Messenger?

Suppose you left your phone in a shop that you’d visited on the way into work and desperately needed it back. You don’t have time to pop out of work to receive the phone so why give a Bike Messenger a call? They could speed on over to the store in question and the Bike Messenger would retrieve your phone. One call is all it takes to send the Bike Messenger on their way and your precious property will soon be back in your hands.

How much can the Bike Messenger carry?

Okay, a Cycle Courier might not be able to deliver a Steinway piano but as long as they can fit the document or parcel in their bag they’re good to go. A Bike Messenger is more than happy to go and collect concert tickets on your behalf or pick up a DVD that you’ve forget to buy.

There are many benefits of using a Bike Messenger. Their prices are lower because they don’t pay congestion fees the Bike Messenger doesn’t pay road tax, insurance or fuel costs either. This is an environmentally friendly method to get parcels delivered or items collected and returned back to you.


Bike Messenger with Using our excess of 19 years experience in the industry we provide our customers a high quality cycle courier service covering the London area. Visit today for our competitively priced Cycle Courier.