Eurozone crisis resulting in impressive deals for UK holidaymakers

Much of the talk in the media at present is about economic doom and gloom. However, it is not all bad news for those who are thinking about parking at Gatwick Airport and heading off on trips abroad.

It seems there are plenty of deals available for UK consumers to take advantage of. According to Colin Ramsay, who owns Ramsay World Travel, his firm is experiencing a level of demand unmatched in its history as individuals seek to make the most of the offers that currently abound, the Scotland Courier reports.

He said: “In the next 12 to 18 months we expect there to be more great deals for holidaymakers.”

The expert added: “We have seen the cost of holidays drop around five to ten per cent and we expect that to continue. There are massive bargains to be had and fantastic deals for 2013. There has never been a better time to get away.”

Mr Ramsay went on to suggest that the cost of booking holidays has “plummeted”. This applies not only to Greece, which has seen a great deal of economic strife, but to nations all around Europe, he claimed

He went on to remark: “For those living in the eurozone and going through the trouble it is not a good time but for us and for holidaymakers it’s fantastic.”

Many of those planning to use Gatwick parking may be making the most of the relative strength of the pound. The publication noted that sterling has hit new highs against the euro for the first time since 2008, meaning Britons have more spending power.

By being shrewd and taking advantage of competitively priced parking at Gatwick Airport and so on, consumers stand to save even more money. Thankfully, booking Gatwick parking and making other travel arrangements is now straightforward and can be done online.

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