Accon UK will manage most any request of us without falling mute

Have you grown weary of the consistent barrage of sound that you are subjected to once you come home for the evening? Have you trawled the Internet in an effort to find noise consultants that have an ear for superior customer focus? If so, and your pleas have fallen on deaf ears then the noise consultants of Accon UK are just for you.

Accon UK is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy that has the capacity to actively manage most any request that you ask of us. Whether you require the services of a consultancy such as ours to provide you with technical data regarding the air quality surrounding your industrial premises, or if you need to employ the services of noise consultants to calculate the impact such vibrations and noise pollution has one the surrounding area, then one straightforward call to Accon UK and your expectations will not only be met but, exceeded.

Once you make the astute decision to choose our noise pollutants you will benefit from a service that has over thirty five years of experience as noise pollutants of considerable acumen. Our noise consultants can offer you a range of surveys, assessments, monitoring and design. We have worked in partnership with architects, planners and engineers across the whole of the UK. Our comprehensive approach is evident in the fact that our noise consultants take a comprehensive approach to all noise and vibration principles. Our noise consultants have a proven track record of delivering results that exceed the expectations of our clients and as members of the Institute of Acoustics our acumen is without question.

To find out more information about the selection of services that Accon UK offers, or to contact us and discuss any bespoke requirements that may need our noise consultants, or air quality consultants then come online to:



Noise Consultants with We provide our customers with a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy service that is capable in dealing with issues such as contaminated land and ecology. Visit us today to find out more about how we can help you with our Air Quality Consultants.