Counselling Services

There are many different kinds of counselling services available. People have different problems and respond to help in different ways. Therefore, a counselling service that works for one person will not necessarily be right for or work for another person.

The Main Types of Counselling Services

Counselling services are there to help people through difficulties and help them to find ways to cope with, or solve their problems. People who can benefit from counselling include people who are suffering from illnesses, have to deal with chronic pain or fatigue or who are terminally ill. In these cases, counselling helps them to cope with the loss of their health, to recognise how it has affected them, move forward, and begin enjoying life again.

Some of the most widely used and appreciated counselling services are designed to help people with their relationships. Common examples of this kind of counselling include marriage and family counselling. The counsellor helps people to take a step back and see why they have problems and develop strategies to help them to cope with and/or solve these problems.

Many people suffer from mental health problems that can be cured or the impact of which can be significantly reduced using counselling. Specialist counsellors can help people with depression, OCD, phobias, posttraumatic stress syndrome, anxiety, eating disorders and many other problems. They can help with the diagnosis of the exact problem and help the person suffering from these disorders to understand what is causing it and work out a way to deal with it. In some cases, the person has to continue to live with the disorder, but a counsellor can help them to manage it better to make it less intrusive and allow the suffer to lead a more normal life.

Finding Good Quality Counselling Services

When searching out counselling services it is very important to find counsellors who are properly qualified. Any psychologist you use should be both a member of the The British Psychological Society and registered with The Health Professionals Council. It is a good idea to also look for psychologists who are accredited by The British Association of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies.

If you are looking for counselling services visit The British CBT Counselling Service website. There you will find a fully qualified psychologist or counsellor in your area.

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