Hydro Cleansing – state-of-the-art tanker hire for environmental waste disposal

Transporting liquid in bulk the length and breadth of the country, tankers are the back bone of a number of important industries, from the chemical industry to the transportation of petrol and diesel. Yet tankers also perform another useful, industrial and environmental function – that of waste disposal, collecting vast amount of waste and transporting it to areas where it can be properly disposed, recycled and treated.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for tankers that can perform this useful environmental function, the majority of tanker hire companies out there lack the necessary equipment providing only transportation tankers incapable of collecting waste.

Specialising in some of the most comprehensive and high quality tanker hire, Hydro Cleansing are a company who pride themselves on their state-of-the-art tanker hire fleet, which sees tankers ranging in size from 13,000 litres to 20,000 litres.

The bulk tankers from Hydro Cleansing are great, multi-purpose tanker hire options for those looking to remove a large amount of waste easily and efficiently.

The combination tankers from Hydro Cleansing – while not dedicated tankers as such – are available in the tanker hire and utilise a system in which high pressure water and a high powered vacuum are used simultaneously. Capable of storing up to 13,000 litres, these tankers are able to deal with blockages and ensure that the situation doesn’t reach a stage of flooding.

Other tankers available in the tanker hire from Hydro Cleansing include the super combination tankers. Some of the most powerful and feature-packed vehicles in their tanker hire, the super combination tankers are often used to take care of those specialist projects.

Unlike other tanker hire companies, Hydro Cleansing carries out their service reliably and efficiently, allowing those engineering and maintenance deadlines to be met.

To find out more about the tanker hire from Hydro Cleansing, visit them online today and make sure that you have the right vehicles for your specific transportation requirements. Hydro Cleansing – unbeatable 24/7 tanker hire.



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