What better way to explore Baltic city after Baltic city than with a Baltic cruise?

If you’ve been looking to get away this summer and explore all that the Baltic has to offer, you’ll no doubt have given a lot of thought to the logistics of the whole thing.

If you’ve been looking to visit a Baltic city – and there are a fair few of them, 40 actually – it’s almost impossible to settle on only one Baltic city, with each of them having their own attractions, sights and charm. Perhaps then, you’d like to hop Baltic city to Baltic city, packing as much as you can into that time away from work.

Well, while this is a great way to do things, if you’re also looking to relax, you can forget about hitchhiking, bussing it or waiting for those trains. Another method of transportation is needed, and I’ve got just the ticket.

What better way to see the sights than with a Baltic cruise, sailing though the Baltic and stopping intermittently at a Baltic city every few days?

Specialising in some of the best Baltic cruises around, My World Cruises pride themselves on their ability to see you arrive in port at a beautiful Baltic city giving you time to enjoy the sights before moving on to the next Baltic city, and the next…

The Baltic cruises available from My World Cruises will see you lying supine in some of the most luxurious cabins and quarters, perfect for unwinding after day exploring the winding streets of a picturesque Baltic city.

With an experienced crew on hand to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, all you need concern yourself with is with enjoying what the Baltic city has to offer.

To find out more about the cruises from My World Cruises and to see their full choice of destinations, visit them online today and find yourself at that beautiful Baltic city of your choice, on one of the most memorable cruises you’re likely to experience.


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