Turn back the hands of time and knock the years off you could do without!

Annique anti- ageing skin care products weren’t just formed off the back of a market whim, a fad or trend; they’ve been culminated through almost forty years spent in the beauty industry and, whereas L’Oreal, Oil of Olay and even Johnson’s baby anti-ageing skin care products are focused on one group of people (namely post menopausal, middle-aged women); when formulating her bespoke anti-ageing products, Annique Theron used her education, knowledge and beauty expertise to create a range that would be suitable for anyone.

It’s true, the aforementioned group of females are the people who most commonly make use of anti- ageing products, but what Annique wanted to show people with her selection of anti-ageing skin care products and services was that it doesn’t matter who you are- how old or how young you appear – anyone can feel the benefit as using an anti ageing cream as part of their every day skin care routine.

And, as an ardent inventor of anti-ageing products and skin care accessories, Annique still remains dedicated to seeking new revolutions that enter the anti-ageing marketplace and upon further investigation and ample testing; she loves to add to her- already vast- anti-ageing range. This is a passion that was born way back in 1971 when Annique proved her desire to help others when she created her very first product; a slimming shake that remains popular together.

Annique is like a walking billboard for her array of anti-ageing skin care products and you only have to look at her headshots to see why you should be adding her anti- ageing formulas to your bathroom cabinet. Additional to skin care products, she offers baby care, male and female fragrances, sun care, body contouring and even herbal remedies to everyday health complaints!

100% natural and never tested on animals, if you’re interested in turning the clock back with Annique anti- ageing skin care products, visit www.anniqueshop.co.za to find out more.



In this article, we’re going to talk about the range of Anti Ageing products now available. The skin care products we’ve used were supplied by Anniques Shop, an independent health and beauty consultant.