Very different residential care homes Suffolk

My mother has always been such an independent woman. She was like the Beyonce of her day; nothing she couldn’t do on her own, never needing a man on her arm and she remained determined to only frequent the doctor’s surgery if she was on the point of death! I never thought with such a strong personality and Reverent fortitude for living every moment like it was her very last; that we’d have to look for residential care homes Suffolk.

But, there we were. Me and mum, hand-in-hand; just like my first day at primary school, searching for residential care homes Suffolk that would give her the day-to-day care that she really needed whilst maintaining the independence that she so desperately wanted to hang on to. What we really didn’t want was residential care homes Suffolk that treated their residents more like patients or toddlers nor did we want residential care homes Suffolk where residents were more likely to be referred to as a number rather than by the names they were christened with.

We spent day after day traipsing sound all the residential care homes Suffolk that we could possibly find. We booked countless appointments with the most expensive residential care homes Suffolk, the residential care homes Suffolk with the best reputations and even residential care homes Suffolk in places of the utmost palatial beauty. We left no stone unturned; or so we thought.

Sure, there were a couple of residential care homes Suffolk that were more than ‘fit for purpose.’ We certainly found comfy beds, warm meals and inviting communal areas but nothing compared to our visit to Allonsfield House residential care home Suffolk. The staff were enthusiastic without being overbearing, the facilities were modern yet straightforward and the views from the bedrooms were just beautiful! We walked in the door, turned to one-another and as soon as we made eye contact, we just knew; this was the one. We were home.

If you want to know more about Kingsley Healthcare residential care homes Suffolk, just give them a call. They’re a lovely bunch- I can’t wait to visit mum now!


When my family needed Residential Care Homes Suffolk, a friend recommended Kingsley Healthcare. They have a wonderful reputation as one of the top nursing homes in Suffolk thanks to their exceptional staff.