Look Ultra Glam Every Day with Semi Permanent Makeup

So, you are standing in front of the mirror frowning at your reflection thinking ‘when did I get so OLD????? When did time catch up with my complexion and lines start appearing from literally out of nowhere?’ If you are preparing for a big date, important social event or that dreaded corporate bash that ended in catastrophe last year then you have to look as bootylicious as Beyonce, as fabulous as Victoria Beckham and as classy as Audrey Hepburn, and to roll these three style icons into one is rather an impossible task. For a start, you are wearing the largest pair of hold ‘em up pants that the eye ever did see, your figure is not as slender as Posh’s and as for appearing in ‘Breakfast in Tiffany’s’-forget it!

Don’t despair though, as we have the solution to your problems at beautycontours.co.uk that will make you less Jo Brand and bag you a chap like Russell Brand, if you go for that scruffy, Dickensian look, that is! And the answer to your prayers lies in the guise of semi permanent makeup. Semi permanent makeup saves hours doing your eyebrows time and time again. Imagine if you didn’t have to perfect those arches and pluck away at abundant hair due to semi permanent makeup? Indeed, semi permanent makeup is a godsend in many ways and so many ladies are choosing semi permanent makeup as a viable alternative to blusher and concealer, mascara and eyeliner. When you wake up in the morning you do not even want to see what you appearance looks like, as there will be an inevitable touch of ‘pillow face’ where your visage is scrunched up in a cushiony way, yet semi permanent makeup ensures that you feel that tiny bit better about yourself, which is always pleasant to know before that painful daily commute.

Sexy semi permanent makeup makes you feel like a right fox instead of a beached whale, and you are bound to snare the man of your dreams as well as attract a few admiring glances from other potential suitors, as well as stares of envy from jealous rivals. Who cares-you are the one that was wise enough to get hold of semi permanent makeup from http://www.beautycontours.co.uk and this semi permanent makeup will guarantee you bedfellows for life. Who cares if they are attached or not- semi permanent makeup makes you confident and self assured and turns even the most prudish of wallflowers into a sultry, seductive goddess. An eyebrow tattoo gets rid of so much kerfuffle and fuss-just don’t go for the tacky ‘Scouse Brow’ as that will make Jodie Marsh look like Mother Theresa, and you want to elevate yourself above those sort of wannabe WAGs. You are better than that, and you know it. Go get ‘em, tiger!



Look beautiful even longer with semi permanent makeup from beautycontours.com. Or for the latest trend, try something permanent like an eyebrow tattoo (or two!) and take the hassle out of your daily beauty regime!