What is an Inverter?

In the most simple terms, an inverter is an electronic device which converts direct current into alternating current.

When is an inverter used?

If you have solar panels or a wind microturbine then the reason you will need an inverter is that most of the microgeneration happens in direct current but, if you want to ensure that you can use that power, it needs to work from regular household appliances which run on alternating current. An inverter will perform this function for you so it is an extremely important piece of equipment.

Where should I go to for an inverter?

Because of the current interest in solar energy there are quite a few places you can go to for an inverter these days. However, it is very important to make sure that the supplier you choose can give you all of the help and information that you need as well as being able to supply you with an inverter at a really competitive price.

Which is the best supplier to choose for an inverter?

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