Car lease deals offer great value for money

Things were very different during the boom years. Consumption was fuelled by equity in rising house prices. When it came to funding a major new purchase like a car people would re-mortgage to free up the money and spending was free and easy. Times have changed and things are very different now. For anyone looking to replace their car this easy option isn’t available like it once was. So in order to be able to afford those prestige marques people are having to look at different ways of financing their purchase.

Does buying a car actually make much sense anyway? Cars depreciation rapidly from the moment they are driven off the forecourt. Some models do so at alarming rates. When people come to sell that vehicle on they realise just how eye watering those costs are.

Car leasing deals work differently to outright purchase. People pay an initial deposit and then a monthly fee over the course of the agreement, which is usually two or three years. This can include servicing too if required. There’s no big lump sum payment to find and there’s no hassle of selling the vehicle on. Under the terms of standard car lease deals customers are in effect simply paying for the cost of the depreciation of the vehicle while they own it.

It’s a smart way to finance a car with a number of key advantages. It means people can have a new car every few years without finding tens of thousands of pounds to buy it outright. This type of arrangement brings prestige vehicles within reach of people who couldn’t normally afford the purchase price. Car lease deals are different. That manageable monthly payment means trading up for bigger, better and more luxurious models.

Good car lease companies can get access to deals on pretty much any kind of car. From the smallest super mini through to high end luxury vehicles. No matter what kind of car people are in the market for they can find car leasing deals to make that vehicle an affordable reality.

There’s a common misconception that leasing is only for company car drivers, and while many businesses keep fleets on the road this way, it’s also a great way to fund and finance personal vehicles. It might cost slightly more than a business deal but it still offers tremendous value and a greater degree of flexibility.

More and more drivers are starting to realise the pitfalls of buying and owning a car outright. Leasing offers a different model that is very appealing. The team at CLVR Ltd work with both business and personal customers to help them find the right car for their needs at the right monthly premium.

Choosing and financing a new car is a big decision. CLVR work with their customers to help them pick out the right vehicle that ticks all the right boxes and comes in on budget. It’s the smarter to way to finance a new car and means customers can look forward to years of happy motoring.

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