The importance of Fire Marshall Training

Fire Marshall Training and fire safety training is now a legal requirement within the majority or workplace settings. In order for workplace settings to comply with the regulatory reform for fire safety brought about in 2005 a number of employees within an organisation must be designated as fire Marshalls and undertake the appropriate training in order to be effective within this role. There are many companies who offer a range of fire safety training courses including fire Marshall training and most courses can be adapted to meet the particular business of the company that requires training. Fire Marshall training is now widely available as an online course making it easily accessible to anyone who needs to take this training at a time and location that is convenient for them.

As well as online fire Marshall training and other fire safety training people can also request dedicated on-site fire Marshall training and this is ideal if companies want to train a number of people at the same time. On site fire Marshall training will often be run by professional ex-firefighters who can provide informative top quality training relating to their hands on experience in fire fighting. They will cover a range of topics including fire legislation, common causes of fire, safety features within a building, fire risk assessment, people’s behaviour in fire situations, what to do in the event of a fire, safe evacuation of premises and the action to be taken at assembly points. These are all important things that a fire Marshall will need to know and be aware of and professional fire Marshall training can help to save lives and prevent fires getting out of control.

It is becoming increasingly popular for employers to choose online fire safety training as it makes training the workforce much easier than sending staff out of the workplace to training centres. It also means that people can take the fire safety training at a time that is most appropriate for them. Typical online fire safety training will cover the chemistry of fire, common causes of fire, safety features within buildings, fire extinguishes and what to do if a fire occurs. Fire Marshall training and fire safety training should be taken very seriously and employers should choose people who are very responsible to take part in fire Marshall training as it is an important role.



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