The Perfect Festive Marketing

If there’s one great way to give your customers a gentle reminder of your existence whilst making them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it is with business Christmas cards.

It is a great way of promoting the company in one simple step that will stay with people all over the festive period, whilst also serving to show that you are polite, organised and efficient as well as being appreciative. They strengthen existing relationships whilst reopening ones that may have lapsed over time.

There are a few problems with business Christmas cards however. Writing hundreds can be extremely time consuming, not to mention costly, with the purchasing of the cards and the excessive amounts of postage. Then of course, there is the fact that in the rush of Christmas post, you can’t always guarantee that your card will arrive on time, meaning you leave yourself open to actually looking tardy rather than timely.

And, with the topic on everyone’s lips currently being the environment, it has to be noted that sending thousands of cards might not be the most ecologically friendly act your business has carried out.

So if you want to take advantage of this great marketing, but want to avoid the negative aspects that can be found, then the best bet is to use business e cards. With online cards, you will not only be saving money and protecting the environment, but you will also be bale to save yourself time and in most cases personalise the cards much easier with company logos and your very own pictures.

With business e cards, you also know exactly when they will be delivered and can send cards to many more people, since almost all contacts will supply email address, with some withholding their personal postal addresses.

So to save time, money and the environment, make your greeting this year digital ones.

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