Why a Wheelchair Table is perfect for medical examinations

Use a wheelchair to get around and numerous problems face you on a daily basis; just getting in and out of some buildings can be a total nightmare. Head to a hospital or a dentist practice for an examination and this can cause issues unless the medical facility has invested in a Wheelchair Table of course. A Wheelchair Table is a clever device, the Bariatric Table couples with the chair so patients can be examined without having to leave their chair. The Wheelchair Table is fully automated and patients can be secured and ready to be examined in less than 30 seconds when it is used. It’s fabulous for a wide range of medical applications and a Wheelchair Table is very simple to use.

Plus points of a Wheelchair Table

Use a Wheelchair Table and you can safely dock patients without them having to transfer onto a regular treatment table. A Wheelchair Table can comfortably cope with patients up to 71 stone in weight thus catering for the vast majority of the general public. It’s safe to use and Bariatric Table comes with foot or hand controls and the base rotates on demand. You can easily convert the Wheelchair Table by adding a seat so it can be used by walking patients as well. Plus you can attach a headrest for support and it becomes the perfect dental table. Use this type of bariatric equipment and it causes patients less stress when they visit facilities for examinations or treatment in the future.

Where can you purchase a Wheelchair Table?

A Bariatric Table is a special type of equipment and you’ll find a Wheelchair Table sold through proven providers of bariatric products. Design Specific are one company that sells a Wheelchair Table, they provide a host of engineered solutions for the bariatric industry. They stock a range of functional, innovative and practical equipment, a Wheelchair Table is just one of the many products they supply to hospitals, dental practices and medical centres around the globe. To find out more about a Wheelchair Table take a look at their online site, it’s packed with patient-friendly products.



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