The uses for vehicle Aluminium Canopies

Aluminium canopies are a great addition to many types of open backed vehicles and adding a custom canopy can make the vehicle much more useful and fit for purpose. In South Africa lots of people own vehicles that are suitable for rough terrain which they use for farming, safaris and other purposes and these are the types of vehicles that often come with a large open backed cab area. This area can be transformed with aluminium canopies to create secure storage for tools, equipment and other personal effects so they can be left in the vehicle without any worry of them being stolen or them being visible all the time. Aluminium canopies are very affordable solutions and due to the fact that people can design a custom canopy it means they can create a solutions that will fulfil their exact requirements.

The manufactures of large open backed vehicles will often sell aluminium canopies themselves but in most cases they will be much more expensive compared to buying them from a specialist custom canopy retailer. Customers can purchase aluminium canopies that are double cab, single cab, custom, frame kits or half-jack. Single cab aluminium canopies come with double side doors, full rear door, locks on all doors, stainless gas strut brackets, hinges only removable from the inside making the custom canopy more secure, water and dust tight seals on all doors, all panels and doors close flush so they look more stylish and these canopies are made with no rivets as everything is welded, bolted or structurally bonded.

A custom canopy can be made with a number of options such as a single side door which can be full or custom length, windows, roof rack, side windows, draw systems, kitchen units and many other options. Most companies who create aluminium canopies will be able to create a custom canopy with almost any idea that a customer has no matter what they want to use their canopy for.



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