Consider House Move Storage if you need to pack in a hurry

If your proposed house sale was in jeopardy of falling through because you couldn’t move out of your home in time would you think about house move storage as a possible solution? House Move Storage would be the ideal answer to this problem and you could use a Self Storage facility for as little or as long as you like. People often undervalue the importance of House Move Storage they don’t look into this option when in fact it’s a brilliant solution that can ensure the house-sell, house-buy chain remains intact. House Move Storage offers an alternative and you can rent a unit for a few weeks or a few months until the house you are buying becomes vacant. It’s simple, effective and House Move Storage is competitively priced as well.

How to arrange house move storage

To begin you are going to have to find a Self Storage site. That shouldn’t present you with too many problems there are plenty of facilities dotted throughout the whole of the country that are perfect for House Move Storage. Next, try to work out the size of the unit you will require for House Move Storage, you can always ask for advice at the self storage centre if you are unsure. Depending on the company that you use for House Move Storage rentals might be payable up front. Most are fairly flexible with their hire terms and you can turn up and complete rental agreements in advance to keep everything as simple as possible when you use House Move Storage for the first time.

Top tips for house move storage

Always make sure the units you are using for House Move Storage are clean, dry and come with their own locks. If you can, try to find a Self Storage site where you can drive right up to your unit, you’ll save time and effort when you are using the House Move Storage facilities if you do. Make sure you can gain access to your possessions as often as you like, find out the times when the House Move Storage centre is open to avoid any disappointment. Most importantly, make sure your possessions are insured when they go into House Move Storage. If the site that you are using doesn’t offer insurance as part of the deal contact your own insurers to cover the items whilst they are in storage. Self storage isn’t complicated it’s really straightforward and more common than you think!



If you’re caught in a property chain, AB Self Storage can provide you with a short to long term solution with house move storage for your belongings. With discounts on rents 4 weeks or longer, AB Self Storage are here to help!