Where to Find Cleaners in Bath

Cleaning your house can be a time consuming chore. Hiring a cleaner can save you precious time and make sure your house is always kept spotless and free from unsightly dirt. If you live in the city of Bath and you are looking for a great cleaner it can be a hard task knowing who to hire. By following a few rules and asking the right questions you will be sure to find the perfect cleaner for the job.


There are two main ways you can hire a cleaner, either through a professional cleaning agency, or by hiring an individual to do it for you. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


A cleaner that is employed through a cleaning agency will have been vetted and professionally trained to ensure they do a great cleaning job. They will also be able to bring their own cleaning equipment and products if you wish them to do so. Another benefit of hiring a cleaner through an agency is that if they are ill or unable to work then the agency will be able to swiftly find a replacement. The downside is that these types of cleaners will cost more to hire, as the cleaning agency will be taking a percentage of the money they earn.


A personal cleaner is an individual who does not belong to an agency. They may have their own cleaning products, if not they will be able to come and use the products you already have. The benefits of a personal cleaner is that they will often charge less than an agency cleaner. When hiring a personal cleaner you need to do all the vetting yourself to check they are trustworthy. It’s a good idea to get several references from some of their previous or current employees to ensure they are reputable and can be trusted to do a good job.


Some of the best places to look for cleaners in Bath is online. You can also try placing an advertisement in the back of a local newspaper or magazine, or try placing a card in a newsagent’s window with the details of what type of cleaner you need.



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