Converse Shoes As Popular as Ever

Converse shoes have been around, in one form or another, for over 100 years now. The company was founded in 1908 by Marcus Mills Converse. From the very start their footwear was made from men, women and children. In 1915, they began to make athletic shoes. At first they started by making shoes for people to wear while playing tennis.

It was not until 1917 that they first produced their, now iconic, All-star basketball shoes. It took a few years for this shoe to take off, and the intervention of one of the world’s biggest basketball players called Charles H Chuck Taylor. In 1921, he was looking for a solution for his sore feet. Converse immediately saw the potential of having such a big star working for them, so offered him a job as a salesman and ambassador.

In 1932, Taylor’s signature was added to the All-Star patch on the ankle, which gave additional support to the wearer. Within a few short years Converse basketball shoes have migrated across to the sport of baseball. Today, they are more popular as fashion wear.

Converse Shoes – Special Editions

Over the years, they have come up with numerous special editions. These special editions were designed to imbed the brand deeper into the psyche of consumers. They used popular culture as a way of grabbing the imagination of each new generation.

Amongst the most notable are the DC Comics range, and the Super Mario range. They have also use pop stars, over the generations, starting with The Ramones and including Ozzy Osbourne, the Clash and the Grateful Dead. This innovative approach has made Converse shoes a highly collectable item.

Modern Converse Shoes

Today, the brand is still evolving and the trainer is still recognisable with its rubber sole, wide white laces and brightly coloured canvas tops. You can still buy the original design including the famous ankle patch. There is even a version with a side zip, so you do not have to worry about lacing them up. For those who do not like ankle height boots they produce a range of simple trainer shoes or pumps.


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