Sustainable wood from passionate timber merchants

Are you passionate about timber? Then you’re not alone. Woodmans timber merchants specialize in indigenous and African timber, local and imported timbers and are sure to have the right wood for your application. Since starting in 1994 these timber merchants have been motivated by supplying quality woods to the people who appreciate it most.

So what’s special about Woodmans Timber Merchants? The fact that they cut, dry and finish their own timber means that they can provide flexibility to customers and tailor the wood to their clients’ specific needs. From African hardwoods to Zambezi Teak to White Alder these timber merchants have a range that allows customers find exactly what they’re after.
People who love wood don’t let it go to waste, that’s why Woodmans Timber Merchants’ use sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council approved wood making sure that these products will be around for years to come.

The timber on offer can be used for any application; many use the woods for flooring but you can find woods for cabinet making, interior joinery, panelling, outdoor/indoor furniture, turning, skirting, pipe making, music instruments, carpentry and much more. On top of this you can pick up some specialised products such as knife making materials, selected turning materials and rifle stock blanks. Plus their machining range which includes planning of rough timber, manufacturing of work tops, component manufacture, moldings and more, all made to your own specification.

Woodmans are a long running company that is dedicated to you and quality products. Well informed and experienced, they are people who can answer your questions. You’ll be hard pressed to find a place with so much range and a guarantee that you’re getting a great product from a sustainable source. That’s what Woodmans do, they take care of their timber, and they take care of you.

Timber Merchants from We specialize in indigenous & African Timbers and are suppliers of local and imported timbers. Visit today if you are looking for African Hardwood.