dCS CD players; the greatest in the world?

Are you thinking of adding dCS CD to your audio system?

dCS CD is truly among the greatest digital sources right now. dCS CD products are quite rightly fauned over by critics for their sound, their digital reproduction and for their software extras that make it the ideal digital source for anyone that is serious about their music. Not only that, but their cool, sleek looks make dCS equipment among the most sought after stereo components in the world.

What is the dCS CD range?

There are several ranges and components to dCS CD. Perhaps simplest is Puccini. A one-box unit, this can be added to later with the external U-clock. Like most of the dCS range, it comes in brushed steel or black finishes and looks frankly amazing. Above this are the Scarlatti and Paganini which can both start with just two boxes – the transport and the DAC. A range of upsamplers, master clocks and transports exist to complete the range. One critical feature of the dCS CD range is that their software can be updated. Another is the USB connection that locks the computer output to its own in order to minimise judder.

Where can you get dCS CD digital sources from?

Based in Bath, The Right Note take their music really, really seriously. When you visit their website, you will not simply see a list of components and a deal of the week. The very first thing that you will see on their opening page is an article on spending less money on stereo equipment and more time adjusting your room in order to optimise the sound. That said, they also stock some of the greatest equipment in the industry, so if you are also serious about music, you should seek their help and advice. For more information on the range of stereos that they stock, and articles on how to get the best sound in your home, visit their website at www.rightnote.co.uk



If you’re looking for dCS CD then look no further than rightnote.co.uk where you’ll also be able to find VTL amplifiers.