What can you expect from an environmental consultancy?

Environmental consultancy teams offer businesses a solution to their environmental management systems needs.

There are many benefits to using an environmental consultancy firm. They are experts in their field and will help your business effectively implement and maintain accredited or non accredited environmental management systems.

Your company can benefit from a reduction in environmental risks, compliance by adhering to relevant environmental legislation, demonstrate to business partners, clients, regulatory bodies and the community that your business is environmentally responsible, gain a competitive advantage in tender bids, increase profits through improvements and efficiency and reduce insurance rates.

For small or medium sized businesses, you may not have the environmental knowledge or resource in-house. Therefore environmental consultancy allows you to bring in skilled experts into your business on a project only basis. Once the project is complete, there is no need to worry about keeping on redundant staff.

The role of an environmental consultancy firm is to help your company successfully implement an Environmental Management System. This could incorporate water monitoring, automatics samplers, full pipe flow meters, open channel flow meters, multiple or single parameter water quality monitoring, water, dust, air or emissions level monitoring.

Environmental consultancy will initially complete gap analysis and an environment review. The initial discussions determine the current status of existing policies and procedures and identify operations and activities that are non compliant and at risk.

After the analysis and review stage, the environmental consultancy will help implement and maintain an accredited Environmental Management System to recognised standards. They will also help with creating aspects, impacts and legal compliance registers. In turn producing environmental policies, procedures and documents reflecting current business practices. Once implemented, it is important to audit your Environmental Management System to ensure compliance is maintained and followed with high standards.

The environmental consultancy firm can recommend installation services for a wide range of industries. Due to their experience in environmental and water monitoring, they are likely to supply equipment proven to work in previous case studies. And recommend brands they’re confident to distribute.


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