Why larder units are handy for hiding all sorts of stuff!

I love the look of traditional kitchens that are filled with hand-made free standing kitchen units. In particular, I’ve got a bit of thing for larder units because they’re so practical and versatile. If you have a largish kitchen or separate utility room they’re the ideal settings for larder units. Pop larder units into your kitchen and you have gorgeous storage units that are brilliant for concealing all types of clutter. They’re ever so classy and larder units are features within their own right. Every kitchen deserves its own larder unit, especially when it’s a hand-crafted feature that has been custom made with your needs at heart.

Hand-made larder units are the best. They’re custom built to suit your requirements and a unit can be configured exactly as you like. A larder unit is the perfect accompaniment to free standing kitchen units, they together hand-in-hand. Use the top section of larder units for storing tins, packets of pasta, herbs and spices or anything you like. Then use the bottom section of the unit to store handy household knick-knacks like scissors, string or sticky tape. Wooden larder units have a clever mix of storage options. Normally the top half of larder units is equipped with large double doors that conceal a host of storage shelves. The lower sections of units are a mix of small and large drawers, and they open and close on smooth-operating runners.

Build quality is exceptional on larder units that are made with the same high quality materials as free standing kitchen units. Buy hand-made larder units and they are renowned for their durability, longevity and long-lasting nature. It’s no surprise the larder units are so tough and dependable. They’re made with premium grade materials by master craftsmen and painted in high grade finishes like Farrow and Ball paint. This gives the exterior of the units a protective layer and also adds to their sense of appeal.

I’m a huge fan of larder units and currently have one sitting in kitchen as we speak. We bought ours from the team at Olive Branch. They make free standing kitchen units in their workshop facility using long standing methods.



larder units by Olive-Branch.biz. Visit their website today if you’re looking for free standing kitchen units.