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Based in the UK, Optimum Balance Products Ltd is rapidly becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of performance racing parts not just in the UK, but around the world. Currently focused on the development and manufacture of its brake, clutch and accelerator pedal box solutions, the company has over 20 years of experience in the self built performance car industry, with fully qualified and outstandingly talented staff they are capable of assisting customers with any technical requirements and adjustments. With a high-quality, operational factory OBP Ltd pride themselves on supplying professional race teams, drivers and distributors all over the world with best developed products manufactured in their UK based factory. Due to the company’s wealth of experience in creating products like; Hydraulic handbrakes, they have developed and completed projects for individual clients, creating completely custom and unique performance racing parts to be used around the world. With their money back guarantee OBPLtd are incredibly confident that the parts and service they supply is second to none and sets a leading example in car modification.

As one of many of the companies specialities Hydraulic handbrakes are a highly sought after product in the world of competitive performance racing. Developed and manufactured in their UK based factory, the OBP Ltd have created a product that operates under their company mission, to supply customers with best possible products available, delivering long lasting, incredible quality which feels and looks great. With their large volume of products on offer they currently manufacture and supply 7 various types of hydraulic handbrakes that operate in different ways and cater to different drivers. Using a Twin Master Cylinder system the Horizontal Bias Bar Handbrake allows the customer to have control over the rear brakes individually, equipped with an incredibly strong and light construction, super grip rubber handle and choice of cylinder size the customer is guaranteed to enjoy and love this product and many others all stamped with the OBPLtd seal of approval.

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