Rejuvenating Children Through Parks

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. I am Smitha and have two cute kids. Generally, kids sleep till a little late in morning during holidays specially. So, I was enjoying the breezy morning with fresh air coming in when I opened my windows. One of my kids woke up and was insisting on going somewhere in morning.

I was hesitant but somewhere in their busy schedule of school curriculum and studies, Rhea and Ruhaan’s lives have become too hectic and we don’t get enough time to be with each other as we as parents have our work commitments and kids have their school ones. So, I searched for places near me and I found a Children’s park just 10 minutes away from our house through a car drive.  In the hard-paced life, which all of us are part of, there is no place of recreation for the little ones. In this regard, such form of a park works out to be a blessing n disguise. It works out to be the perfect platform where the kids can go on to express themselves.

Due to our busy schedules, we never have time to go to a park. But with a picnic, with four of us, both of my kids became super excited. I, my husband and both my children drove to the park. I loved the entrance of park, the green belt of tall trees surrounding the whole perimeter of park. We strolled inside the park. There was a beautiful large garden covered with lawns and a jogging track around it. I realised seeing myself that I am losing my fitness and need to work upon it. Young people were jogging around there, doing stretching exercises and yoga in garden. It was so encouraging to see them. Exercise was indeed best way to relax and re-boost our bodies.

But the attraction for us was the play area for kids. It was a large playground with lots of slides and hedge maze where lots of children were playing. There was a large tree in the centre of playground with a tree house built on top of it with a staircase attached to it for children to climb and reach there.

We kept our picnic stuff somewhere in garden and sat there while children were off to play. I could also see a group of elderly people doing Yoga and laughing to their hearts practicing the Laughter therapy which is absolutely recommended for good health and happiness both. I realised that with work pressures, we fail to laugh wholeheartedly letting all our problems aside. I started strolling around rest of the park and read its noticeboard. It had lots of meditation sessions organised here which will rejuvenate our souls. I felt astonished that I never knew about them before. Inside the park, there were two tennis courts and a basketball court where some people were playing the game enjoying it and fulfilling their passions.

The healthy atmosphere and the fresh air of park seeing everyone happy and joyful was very refreshing for me. It was time to leave. As we finished our food and packed the stuff back, Rhea told me that we should often come to this play. I felt excited about the thought and attending meditation sessions made me reply without taking a second, “definitely!!”

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