Flights Ibiza

The Balearic island of Ibiza has gained a reputation for being one of the wildest party locations in the world but the island has much more to offer than nightclubs and cheap drinks. Incredible weather and stunning beaches are a given and wherever you stay on the island you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere and great local food and drink. From major resorts to tiny fishing villages you can find everything you’re looking for on this beautiful island.


San Antonio is a very popular destination because it offers a combination of beaches and superclubs. During the day you can enjoy a host of water based and sun related activities. You can relax by the pool at your hotel or head to the beach. You can swim, surf, or parasail before getting something to eat and lining your stomach ready for Ibiza to really come alive at night.


The nightlife is one of the biggest attractions that Ibiza has and with good reason. Clubs have sprung up across the island. EsParadis is located in San Antonio along with a number of other major clubs. You can find foam and water parties here which every partygoer should experience at least once during their stay on the island. In the various clubs of San Antonio you will find some of the world’s biggest club DJs.


Surprisingly, San Antonio also has a quitter and more relaxed side where you can enjoy casual strolls and a less frenetic atmosphere. San Antonio bay is the place to head if you need to cover from the night before or you simply want to avoid the crowds for an hour or two. Ibiza, though, isn’t just about the clubs and the partying as you will be able to find a great selection of activities as well as a large number of attractions and sights for the whole family.


Playa D’EnBossa is a resort that is packed full of entertainment and things to do. Aguamar is the water park that is located here and if you want something to keep the kids happy while you have fun too then this is the ideal location and will enable all of the family to enjoy the benefits of the cheap flights Ibiza visitors can enjoy.


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