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Businesses concerned about website optimisation but that have not yet enlisted the outsourced services of a search engine optimisation company are often unsure about just where to start. Their reservations are wholly understandable, as there are ever-increasing rafts of SEO service providers who are keen to supply to the demands of businesses and online traders needing to make their websites more visible. The selection process can be even more daunting for businesses that have a layman’s understanding of what SEO is and does and, yet, find themselves engaging with service providers who blind them with science and industry jargon.

Many SEO company offers free SEO analysis to businesses and it is well worth their time to take up the offer of at least one potential service provider, rather than simply diving in and making an appointment based on some impressive techie talk. From the perspective of services providers, it gives them the opportunity to really skim below the surface of websites. They can analyse the current statuses of websites, gauging their visibility in the digital landscape and how effective they are at attracting traffic.

More importantly, the feedback that SEO experts provide to businesses after carrying out an initial free analysis offers a genuine insight into far more than the performances of their websites. It informs the ultimate decisions of business owners and their marketing personnel, by giving them a clear idea about the sort of SEO service providers they can envisage themselves working with or not.

Therefore, when businesses invite potential SEO suppliers to present their post-analysis findings, it is vital that the personnel responsible for making the decisions understand what they are signing up for. As SEO continuously evolves, switches and shifts, it is something that service providers know far more about than their clients. Many businesses have been caught out by their novice understanding, ending up with SEO service providers that fall into what has become known as black hat or white hat categories.

Plain English and a lack of geek speak is a good start. With that obstacle overcome, there are three very positive indicators that businesses can look out for. Firstly, quality SEO providers usually upsell the benefits of quality SEO techniques in favour of quantity. This indicates their integrity and a commitment to investing their time – and their client’s money – wisely. Secondly, many of the most successful SEO campaigns that produce long term results start from the inside before progressing out, getting websites optimised to generate increased traffic and to be as user friendly as possible for new and repeat visitors. Finally, the specific online marketing targets of businesses should underpin each and every activity undertaken, in a responsible way that is not ultimately detrimental as a result of unethical quick wins.

At Optimisation.co.uk, we invite businesses to take us up on the offer of completely free and completely non-obligatory SEO analysis of their websites. It is our opportunity to explain to them, in non-technical language, where their websites are falling short in the visibility and traffic stakes, what is working and where significant improvements can be achieved.

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