On hold for profit

It is an established fact that playing music and messages to your customers while they are on hold minimises the call drop-out rate. All sorts of analyses have been carried out on the nature of such music, the content of messages and the voice tone and quality in order to keep callers on the line. The advantage is not only in retaining the customer until they can speak to a representative, but also in being able to market aspects of the business to individuals who are already listening. On hold messages can keep callers informed of current offers, new products and services, and promoting your high profit lines.
There are pitfalls though – if you don’t want to irritate or frustrate callers then you need to do some detailed planning before implementing messages on particular lines. For instance, callers using a complaints line don’t want to hear a message telling them how wonderful your products are. Better to channel assurances and product guarantee details to them. Similarly, if a caller has taken the time to find your telephone number and use it, they don’t want to hear that the solution to all their problems can be found on your website. They want to speak to someone to explain a problem or describe their requirements.
At 5G Business Telecoms we offer a comprehensive and expert audio marketing service comprising all technical and creative aspects. We can help you to improve customer perceptions of your company while supporting your core marketing function. Having a fine-tuned on hold strategy is going to enhance your sales potential. However, there is a fine line between making a caller feel relaxed and engaged, and causing them to feel taken advantage of. Although you want to use any on hold time to its maximum effect, the priority should be firmly on reducing call waiting times.

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