Putting you in control – the benefits of cPanel hosting

Developing and managing a website in the early days of the internet (the mid-1990s) could be quite a cumbersome process. Authoring tools were few and far between and costly, whilst making admin-level changes to your site often required various calls to your web hosting company helpdesk. For site owners who just wanted to get their website up and running, going through these technical hoops could be quite off-putting.

These days the situation has dramatically improved. Site owners are spoilt for choice in terms of authoring tools. Meanwhile, site management has been greatly clarified and simplified by the creation of browser based site admin systems such as cPanel.

Standing for ‘Control Panel’, cPanel is ground-breaking in its incredibly versatility and ease of use. Site owners simply have to load their web browser, point it to the cPanel for their site, log in and they have access to an incredibly wide range of site management tools.

Should you choose website hosting by EUKHost you can be up and running in no time with one of our affordable, yet powerful, cPanel shared hosting packages.

First and foremost, with cPanel web hosting by EUKHost, you can publish your site to the server. You can also manage files on your allocated portion of a shared server, and control who has access to the site at the back end. You can create cPanel users with various levels of access to your site content, which is very useful if the site is a team effort.

Furthermore you can set up and create as many pop3 email boxes as you require. Again, password creation is entirely in your control.

Finally, cPanel comes bundled with a host of extras including e-commerce shopping cart software, and, usefully, site usage statistics.

With web hosting from EUKHost you can only benefit from exploring all that cPanel has to offer you.

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