How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day The Way You Want To

For many of us, the very thought of another Valentines with the same old roses, love quotes, and chocolates make us want the day to not ever come. For this reason many are turning to themed parties. Some also take this opportunity to bond with their loved ones.

Breaking out from the mold is so important when you wish to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Romance may be the dominate theme for the day, but that doesn’t mean that singles or even kids are excluded. It simply means that you need to open your mind to new possibilities as you begin to plan. Following are a handful of great tips on making your Valentines’ Day party one that will build friendships, be exciting, and even rekindle the passion in others as you all fan fun together.

Playing games that stretch the limits:
Listen, a lot of people think truth or dare is just a kids game – nonetheless it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop when you grow up. I’d personally say with the stress of adult life, it is even more important to have fun. Just be sure that you’re around a group of friends that you all trust and see where the evening takes you. The game is a wonderful way to be get to know one another better as you play a fun game.

The daring queries in a Truth or Dare usually includes the examples below: who is the most beautiful person you know; if you could date or kiss anyone on the planet, who would it be; which relationship would you more likely want, a wild passionate one, or a quiet calm one; what exactly is your dream honeymoon and much more.

The advantage of these parties is that they are usually quite inexpensive. Just make sure to invite your close friends. Where ever you hold it, just be sure everyone is able to be apart and be near each other.

Everyone loves chocolate
It is safe to say that individuals all love chocolates in one form or another. Chocolates communicate love and speak to our hearts. It may well only be natural to have a party themed around something we all love so much. Chocolate has such wide appeal and so many different flavors that their will be something for everyone. Nothing says love like a delicious assortment of chocolates. So why not create an environment in which you can foster the feelings of love for your friends as they celebrate Valentines with their lover.

One thing to remember as you plan a chocolate Valentine’s Day is that you will want all types of chocolates. No one in the world has the exact same likes, so plan accordingly. So find a wide variety of chocolates. Dark chocolate is a crowd pleaser, nevertheless many American prefer milk chocolate. Be sure to have a good assortment of filled chocolates as well. Having a chocolate fountain with fruits to dip is also a true show stopper.

Making time for a single’s party:
Remember the nugget of advice that Valentines is not only just for those in love. It is also for singles who celebrates their freedom. A Valentine’s Day party for singles could be a home party with many friends around drinking and having fun. Some hosts decide to arrange games that everybody can enjoy. They do not have to be elaborate, they can be board games or even just a game of charades. Other small group choose watching romantic movies in a relaxed environment. This particular one cost less when done at home.

A touch of class:
A more classy kind of party may be the table top and menu parties. For Valentine’s Day, hosts use red roses, table covers, and paper goods like plates, glasses, and napkins. The refreshments are served in red glowing barware like red shot glasses, martini glasses and sparkling drink glasses. Make sure to have a great variety of delectable desserts as a topper to the evening.

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