Customer satisfaction is vital for continued business success

When it comes to lasting business success, it is vital for firms to keep their customers happy. This is why so many enterprises invest in customer satisfaction surveys, make use of mystery shopping companies and so on.

One man who is fully aware of the significance of customer satisfaction is dealer development manager of Suzuki GP Ian Price. In an interview with Staffordshire publication The Sentinel he said that the Suzuki is a classic example of how to make a relatively small business work well.

He suggested that the company’s achievements are based on providing the very best in customer satisfaction.

Me Price remarked: “Our customers are remarkably loyal to us with around 55 per cent of our sales being to existing customers, more so with some models. This happens for two reasons. One is that the cars are incredibly reliable and do what the customer wants, and the other is that our dealers tend to be smaller owner-operated businesses rather than plcs or huge groups, and we believe they give a more personal touch to customer satisfaction.

He went to remark: “Suzuki is only a small brand in the UK and we only sold 21,000 cars last year but we are profitable and sustainable.

“We concentrate on doing what we do best and that is giving people what they want at an excellent price and then backing that up with one of the best owner experiences in the motor industry.”

At present, providing consumers with excellent customer service may be particularly important. Economic conditions remain tough and to attract sufficient levels of trade, firms are having to pull out all the stops. Thankfully, it is now easy to source superb assistance when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys and so on. Also, enterprises can utilise mystery shopping companies to further raise their standards.

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