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If your career as an actor or model has just started, having relevant contacts so that you can be informed about auditions is vital. However, if you are building up your contact list, you might be disheartened with this. Our assistance has a proud track record largely because we’ve helped a considerable number of people with advancing their career.

In order to know about the latest acting auditions, you might also want to be informed about casting calls too. Our text message support is available for professionals who are aged 18 years and over only. We ask for £1.50 per text with a maximum of three texts sent per week. We can help because we do all of the hard work for you. By using our own contacts, we are told about auditions for theatre, film and modelling work. Finding such auditions might be taking you longer than expected and this is why our assistance continues to be incredibly popular. Our contacts have been gathered as a direct result of working alongside such entertainment fields for a considerable period of time and we are extremely proud of this fact.

If you would like to subscribe to our service, this is very easy. By sending a text to 84025 which has either ‘TV’, ‘Theatre’ or ‘Model’ in it will enable us to immediately start helping your career. If you wish to stop receiving our text message assistance at any point, this can be done hassle free. We always make sure that our support is as customer focused as possible with the information which is sent to you being beneficial to say the least.

By contacting us will enable for any questions which you have to be answered. Acquiring information about upcoming acting auditions or casting calls is never difficult thanks to our support.

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