Why Buy Barbour

Barbour was, and still is, a family run business operating from South Sheilds in the north east of the United Kingdom. Although products are now sourced worldwide, the classic and legendary Barbour wax jacket is still made by hand in the factory in South Shields.

Originally known for clothing befitting those living and working in the country, popular for its practicality and classic style, Barbour clothing now incorporates men’s, women’s and children’s health and lifestyle clothing into their range. Despite the growth of this company, it has stayed true to its core values of the British countryside making functional, glamorous and beautifully made clothing.

Barbour wax jackets first appeared back in the 1800’s, designed by John Barbour. These then evolved into the jackets favoured by those who worked outside, for the excellent protection it provided from the weather.

These jackets, growing in popularity, and rightly so, gave way to a much wider range of products including quilted jackets, trousers, and accessories to name but a few. Barbour suddenly wasn’t just for older, country dwelling folk, even younger people living in towns and cities embraced the popular Barbour products, seeing their purchases as investments to last them a lifetime. Barbour wax jackets aren’t just popular with men; with the specially fitted designs and range of colours, women are snapping them up too.

Barbour clothing even has a royal endorsement to supply waterproof and protective clothing to HM Queen Elizabeth II, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and HRH the Prince of Wales. No higher praise can be received than supplying clothing to the Royal Family.
Even through the many years, and the many changing styles and products of Barbour, one thing remains the same, the high quality and attention to detail which made the brand so good in the first place.

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