Drive home a new car thanks to car lease deals

So the time has come to replace the car. Getting a new car is always exciting, but increasingly people are wondering how best to finance that purchase. Aside from a house it’s probably the biggest purchase anyone makes in their life. Modern cars really do have the edge over slightly older rivals. They have cutting edge satellite navigation and entertainment systems, their fuel economy is incredible and their green credentials cannot be argued with. There are plenty of benefits that having a new car brings.

Financing the purchase isn’t as straightforward as it once was. The boom years are over. Credit is harder to come by and people can’t use their homes like cash machines any more. So does that mean people need to trade down and forget about prestige marques and models? Not necessarily. Car lease deals offer a different way to pay. One that flexible and affordable and brings prestige vehicles within reach because there’s no huge lump sum to pay.

Car leasing deals work a little bit differently to outright purchase. Instead of finding all of that cash in one go people pay an affordable monthly payment during a two, three or four year agreement. In effect people are simply paying for the cost of the depreciation of the vehicle while they own it. They then have the option to buy it at the end of the agreement or start the whole process again. It’s the affordable way to have a new car every few years and that has a number of advantages. New cars are less likely to go wrong and if they do then everything is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Car lease deals make the unaffordable affordable. Cars that people could never afford to buy outright are well within budget under this contract hire arrangement. That means a smarter motor for the average driver.

Car leasing deals are available on any make and model. A good leasing company will be able to go and get any vehicle and supply it to their customers under these terms. It’s no surprise to find that more and more people are turning their back on traditional finance options and are turning to leasing instead. It just makes sense.

CLVR Ltd are one of the biggest leasing companies in the UK. They are a well established operation that knows the market well. They pull out all of the stops to supply their customers with the vehicles they need at competitive prices. Leasing is a great arrangement for company fleet managers who need to keep their reps in new cars, but they also deal with personal customers as well. No matter whether a car is for business or personal use they can get their customers a great deal on different makes and models.

Leasing offers an alternative to outright purchase. This suits businesses and individuals alike. If the time has come to source a new car or a fleet of vehicles then check out the deals at CLVR. It’s the smarter way to finance a new car.

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