Roller shutters used in regeneration project

A regeneration project in the north-west of England features a number of roller shutter doors. The multi-million pound Stockbridge Village initiative is part of a wider regeneration scheme being implemented by Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Security Park reports.

The local authority wanted to transform the village centre in order to create a welcoming focal point for residents and visitors alike.

Over coming years, those involved in the project will have to make use of roller shutter maintenance and potentially roller shutter repairs in order to ensure that the provisions remain in perfect working order.

The village features a new primary school, neighbourhood centre, library and a supermarket and the buildings are protected by special built-in shutters. One of the reasons bosses opted for these products is because they wanted to create an open site that did not rely on fencing and walls, but that was still protected out of hours.

Architects involved in the project searched for a solution that did not have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the buildings in the village and that did not impose on the feeling of openness.

In the end, they opted to utilise special shutters that are integrated into the fabric of the buildings. When they are raised, they are completely concealed from view. Meanwhile, in the lowered position, they provide effective security while also matching the style of the buildings.

Many different sites across the UK and in other countries around the world make use of roller shutters. They can be a cost effective form of security and they are easy to utilise. Meanwhile, as long as they ensure they benefit from effective roller shutter maintenance and roller shutter repairs, organisations can rest assured the provisions will perform their roles effectively. Also they should stand the test of time and represent good value for money.

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