Quality recruitment in the commercial van insurance sector

Autonet Insurance, a UK-based provider of commercial van insurance and associated products is notable for three things. Most people probably come across them directly or when looking for van insurance quotes on one of the major comparison websites, but there are two other factors that have helped this company become the success they are today.

Perhaps the most remarkable is their incredible growth rate. Fourteen years ago, Autonet Insurance was a small business employing four people. In 2012, staffing levels are well over 450, making them one of the most significant employers in the Stoke-on-Trent area.

The company is also notable for high quality. Over the last few years, the business has regularly appeared on the lists of finalists for insurance industry accolades. They have won several prestigious awards including Personal Lines Broker of the Year and coveted local business honours.

Maintaining a high level of quality while continuing to grow is a challenge for any business. Autonet Insurance has overcome this problem by implementing an active and innovative recruitment strategy which is supported by excellent staff training.

By going well beyond the simple act of posting job notices and interviewing people who respond, Autonet Insurance have widened their appeal to make sure that they are one of the most desirable employers in the area. They’ve initiated radio campaigns and had an active presence at recruitment fairs, working hard to make sure those in the job market around Stoke think of their company first. People looking for a change of work are also prime candidates for Autonet who want individuals to see commercial van insurance as an exciting career option.

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