The Best Times to Take Ski Holidays

Unlike other types of holidays, ski holidays are very much limited to certain times of year.  You can’t have ski holidays without snow!  The ski season normally lasts between December and April, unless there are extreme weather conditions.  But, depending on the time of year that you go, your ski holiday experience can vary immeasurably.

Although certain ski resorts start their season earlier, the ‘early’ ski season is normally early December until Christmas.  Although there are beautiful views and crisp winter weather at this time, there’s no guarantee that there’ll be any snow.  Because of this, ski holidays during the ‘early’ season are normally considerably cheaper, and the resorts are much quieter.  If you’re lucky enough to get a heavy snow, then a ski holiday in December can be an incredible experience.

Christmas is the perfect time to visit a ski resort.  The beautiful, snow-capped mountain views set the Christmas spirit perfectly.  Many ski resorts offer special events to celebrate Christmas, making it the perfect time to take a holiday with the whole family.  Unfortunately, prices for ski holidays tend to increase as a result of this at this time of year.

In January and February, snow is almost guaranteed.  It can get extremely cold though, so the slopes tend to only be occupied by committed skiers.  Prices can go down in January though, as fair weather skiers shy away from the freezing temperatures.  During these months, it can be wise to book accommodation that is close to the ski lifts and amenities.  Walking a long way in the cold can get very uncomfortable!

By March and April, the weather begins to warm up.  The gentler temperatures are much more suitable for inexperienced skiers and children.  There are more hours of sunlight, meaning you can enjoy the slopes for much longer.

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