The Perfect Way to Work on That Back Swing

If you spend those family holidays wishing you were on the fairway rather than sitting beside a pool slowly turning the colour of raw meat, then there is a good chance that you spend most of that time abroad wishing you were on a golf holiday.

The problem many people see in making that dream a reality is that dragging the family away to a golf retreat will be both horrendously expensive and lead you to having a partner and children that are thoroughly bored and ready to stage a family coup.

However, the truth of the matter is that for those who want to spend a week or more working on their stroke and relaxing in the most enjoyable way they can imagine, golf holidays can be both flexible and affordable.

Since those who yearn for nothing more than a beach and some sun may get the full relaxation from a normal holiday, those whose interests lie in something a little more different may find that the experience leaves them a little cold. Hiring golf villas or apartments can not only allow you to play on some of the best courses in the world, but also offer some fantastic accommodation for the rest of the family in close proximity to many fantastic places at the same time. And surprisingly, these luxury golf villas can actually work out as cheap as any other accommodation.

With villas, because you are paying for the villa and not a separate fee per person, you can find yourself in the most luxurious surroundings imaginable, with potential for a holiday that everyone can enjoy, for a price that is lower than you would ever imagine.

So while you can spend the day practicing your back swing, the rest of your family might suddenly be very grateful for your love of golf.

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