Enjoying a British Summer

It seems strange that the moment we get the first few rays of sun in this country, the majority of us choose to head abroad. Whilst some countries may indeed be even warmer during the summer, the contrast in the temperature will be far lower than in winter. By going away in the summer we may gain an extra few degrees, whereas if we head away during the winter, for very similar costs we can end up flying somewhere that is a vast amount warmer than home.

Not only this, but British summers are actually one the nicest climates available. Many people end up complaining that tourist destinations are actually too hot in the summer and spend a significant amount of time seeking shade, yet still choose to head off to the same places year after year, missing what can be a beautiful climate at home.

So for those who want to rediscover just how beautiful a British summer can be, it can be well worth taking short breaks in Britain during the summer and saving your money for the winter, the time the majority of us really want to get away. London hotels can be found for very low prices even in the summer and offer a chance for culture, beauty and fun all without you having to spend a fortune. In turn, you may find that the London hotels you choose are far nicer than the hotels you might get abroad and that, just a stone’s throw away are some of the most beautiful surroundings in the country and even Europe. Even beautiful beaches won’t be a huge commute from central London hotels.

So, next time summer rolls around, don’t instantly opt to run from these shores, but instead stick around, visit some central London hotels and look at some of our own great beaches, and you may well rediscover that maybe Britain isn’t so bad after all.

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