Why Wooden Furniture is Still Widely Loved

There are always new innovations that radically improve the ways in which we live. However, there are also lots of things that stick with us, precisely because they have yet to have been matched. Wood is a prime example of this, and in the modern day it is still just as important as it ever was, especially for use as furniture.

Wood is obviously a natural material. Rather than being designed to work in our homes, it has evolved over millions of years in nature. However, far from limiting its use as a resource, this is exactly what makes it so useful. And what nature takes millions of years to produce can’t be matched by even by modern manufacturing methods.

There are lots of reasons why wood is still widely used, particularly for its application in the home, as furniture:
In the home aesthetics is extremely important. Aesthetics means simply the way things look. A quality aesthetic will have a direct impact on the quality of a living space. Wood has beautiful natural aesthetic, especially quality woods like oak furniture and pine furniture.

Aesthetics isn’t enough however. Furniture must be made to last, and has to be constructed to survive for many years. Quality woods are made for this, and what has evolved to weather the great outdoors has a natural durability and resistance to wear and tear.

Wood is also extremely versatile. This means that it can be constructed into a range of shapes and kinds of furniture, from chairs to tables to picture frames.

Whilst wood can be a very traditional material, it can also fit very neatly into modern homes. Lighter woods especially can breathe lightness, and naturalness into a modern home, and counterbalance harsh functionality.

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