Why We Need Bees

Our world operates in a very delicate balance. Just as the whole placing of our planet within the solar system gave us the perfect conditions for life to thrive – a slight movement either towards or away from the sun would have made the planet almost totally uninhabitable – every aspect of nature on our earth co-exists in a very specific way.

Once you change one aspect of any eco-system, the consequences are huge and, in the case of bees, around a third of all food supplies rely on pollination from these insects and therefore, without them, we would see a huge change in not only the environment but also simply in how we source our most important foods.

Not only would fewer bees mean fewer crops, less food and higher prices, seriously damaging both our health and the economy, but without bees we also simply would have a far less colourful world to live in.

Getting as many people as possible using beehives to help increase bee numbers is therefore extremely important if we want to keep this delicate balance that we have. Bee numbers are dropping all the time and natural beehives are being destroyed on a regular basis.

In short, without bees, we struggle to create or grow the food we need. In a more superficial way, we also see the countryside becoming far more barren and the world being a little more drab as a result.

However, beekeeping supplies are not as expensive as many might think and the process of being a beekeeper is one that is far safer and far more rewarding than many people know. So, for those who want to keep our world so delicately balanced, and wish to in the short term to simply see their crops or garden improve, getting beekeeping supplies and helping these insects thrive could be one of the most rewarding and altruistic pastimes possible.

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