Make sure security training leads to qualifications

Anyone leaving the police service or the armed forces and looking for a new career path should consider security work. The skills, mindset and discipline that they have acquired in their previous career can be put to good use in the corporate field, where VIPs and celebrities require protection from a range of threats to their personal security.

Security training can help people hone and polish their skills so they can adapt and make the transition in to this new environment. It helps them to make the transition from their previous life in the police or the army and add to their skillset so they can provide close protection to the rich and famous who need it.

Security courses give people the qualifications they need to signal to prospective employers that are ready to work in this field. The whole vocation has become far more organised and structured than ever before. Training providers are offering qualifications and career paths to help people enter into and progress in this exciting field.

So which security courses offer the best prospects for interested parties? The BTEC is a nationally recognised qualification that employers respect and value. Too many courses go through the motions, don’t lead anywhere and aren’t valued within the industry. The BTEC programme gives attendees a premium qualification that will give them a head start over other candidates when it comes to finding a job in the security industry.

Good security training providers make sure delegates come through their training programmes with qualifications to show for their efforts. Armed with these qualifications and new skills they can approach the jobs market with confidence and get started on the next stage of their career. It’s the perfect choice for former police officers and armed forces personnel looking to make a change. It’s interesting, varied and rewarding work.

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