Integrated Reporting – resistance is futile.

Business planning is far from simple no matter how many Excel experts and Word Whizz’s you employ in the workplace which could explain why there is no business worldwide that doesn’t employ a high- calibre tech team with all the skills to set up and constantly manage its’ spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are imperative as they contain confidential and important data; information that must remain both safe from outsider – prying eyes whilst being within easy reach at any time.

However despite the poor economic climate, there are some corporations who have managed to outgrow their current in- house spreadsheet mechanisms that – due to formulae errors and manual manipulation -have become unreliable and chaotic.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the companies that has continued to strengthen but still feel exposed to potential loss of credibility should your manual processes fail, integrated reporting software – for your business planning – could be all you need to form a crutch for your heightened need to be seen as reliable and accurate. Integrated reporting software is easily installed and requires no maintenance.

An integrated reporting system will make financial account planning quicker and more precise and eliminates spreadsheet stilos and, with no obvious or provable disadvantages (even taking into account the initial cost), the benefits of integrated reporting software are plentiful.

Without compromising on effectiveness, an integrated reporting mechanism significantly reduces the time you need to put into business planning for your business’s next investment and above and beyond a human, integrated reporting software will verifiably analyse and review your data constantly. Furthermore, integrated reporting processes – as your company evolves – will adjust alongside in order to remain flawlessly precise.

KPI Management Solutions aren’t suggesting that any company should ‘do away’ with their IT Crowd but they are vehemently passionate about the worth- to business large and small – of implementing cost- effective, trustworthy integrated reporting software to undertake a more quantifiable approach to business planning as opposed to business planning based upon the assumptions and past experiences of qualified ICT personnel and manually- managed spreadsheets.

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