Different Lighting for Different Moods and Applications

It’s known that lighting can affect spaces and moods in various different ways. It can focus attention to a specific element in a room, it can counter the effects of seasonal affective disorder and it can bring a living space to life.

These are general benefits, and in reality there is a very wide range of lighting, all performing in different ways and having various effects on moods and living spaces.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting is lighting made to be in situ outside. There are obviously challenges involved with outdoor lights, and it needs to be weather resistant. Some outdoor lighting is solar powered, converting the sun’s rays to electricity during the day and shining at night.

Dimmer switches

Many homeowners choose to control their lighting with dimmer switches. Using a dimmer switch means that you’re able to control the light output, making it as bright or as dim as you want, as opposed to just “on or off.”

Low Energy Lights

The old style of light bulb have been mostly phased out. Low energy lights are now common, and they can, over time, save in terms of energy costs. They are great for the environment, and available in a wide range of styles.

Bathroom Lights

Some lighting is made especially for a specific locale. Bathroom lighting is used to add the illusion of space and an aesthetic dimension to a bathroom. Bathroom spaces are frequently smaller spaces, and so lighting can make a real difference.

Security Lights

Outdoor lighting can also be security lighting. This is lighting that senses intruders and turns on to prevent criminal attack. Lighting in this instance is a highly effective guard against crime.

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