Size Matters

Whether you design clothes or simply just sell them, size matters greatly. If the sizes of your clothes are advertised as being bigger than very similar garments that competitors are selling, your competition are far more likely to shift clothes than you, as all women will feel far happier feeling they can fit into a smaller garment.

So what does this mean for those shops who simply sell other people’s clothes? Well, there can be a slight problem here. Not only will different designers size their clothes differently, but you may also be up against competitors who have similar garments that are the same physically size but that are listed as smaller.

Therefore, it may be worth checking the size of each and every garment you are selling and using shop hanger size cubes to ensure that every item you sell conforms to the exact same sizing criteria. By using size cubes you can not only ensure that you get far more interest in your clothes by pandering the every human’s innate vanity, but you are also likely to find that far more people buy your clothes simply due to the fact that they will almost always be able to find an item in the right size without having to try on multiple different items.

Such an approach may cost more in the initial stages, but once you have a process to measure each garment you sell, you are likely to be able to get those shop cubes on in no time and see sales soar as a result.

Clothes measurements are changing all the time and in America there is now even a size minus-zero. However, this is only down to vanity measuring and the fact that designers are constantly trying to out-pander their competition. However, simply by having your own strict criteria and not stating clothes are larger than they should be on your shop hanger size cubes, you can get far more interest very quickly using the same philosophy.

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