A More Versatile Store

There are many ways to displays items in any store. However, the majority of these will be very much fixed and offer very little in the way of versatility, save for possibly allowing you to alter the spacing of certain shelves.

Creating a versatile retail design will be beneficial for many different reasons. Not only will you be able to change the look and feel of the store as and when you wish to keep it fresh and interesting (although be sure not to confuse customers by constantly moving items), but you will also be able to have far more flexibility in terms of what you stock and when, as well as in terms of the space you can create when you have not got certain items to sell.

With any retail design, maximising your space is always going to be imperative. A claustrophobic space will not only be far less enjoyable for customers to spend time in, but it will also mean that things are harder to find and that the store is far harder to keep tidy.

Therefore, a portable garment rail or other moveable shelving solutions can serve many purposes in stores. Not only can you make certain items far more prominent when you need to, but you will also simply be able to free up space at peak times or when you otherwise might put out garments just for the sake of it. The same portable garment rail will also help you change the look of your store as and when you like, helping you create a far more interesting and unique retail space, and one that can adapt to any changes very easily.

This type of garment rail also makes it far easier for you to transport items from store room to shop floor, meaning that you often will not have to spend time making the store look untidy as you replenish stock, but can instead wheel out each garment rail only when they are totally ready to go.

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