Finger Lickin’ Good Poster Distribution

KFC is Finger Lickin’ Good; you can Taste the Rainbow with Skittles; Coca Cola Opens Happiness and Nike Just do it so, why don’t you make like Taco Bell and Think Outside the Bun? Old Skool as it is, poster distribution is still as effective as ever. Poster distribution can generate widespread consumer interest and boost sales on an epic scale. Just Gather Round the Good Stuff and ask Pizza Hut if you don’t believe us!

Like Max Factor is The Make-up of Make-up Artists, High Viz Publicity is the poster boys for poster distribution and for cost-effective and time-efficient professional poster distribution, is riding as high as the best in the business. Smarties; yes you do Have the Answer but answer this; could you have found it without poster distribution? Only High Viz has the answer now!

Perhaps not Magically Delicious like the- ‘for birthdays and Christmas only’- Lucky Charms breakfast cereal but equally as effective as the- ‘Becks in his smalls’ – ad campaign for Armani for making people grin like a Cheshire Cat; an effective poster distribution will reach out to all areas of society whether young or old and like the Audi, your poster distribution should never Follow the Crowd.

Effective poster distribution- like Kellogg’s Frosties- are GR-R-REAT at creating a stir. Poster distribution may not be new age like internet marketing or as forward- thinking as advertising via Twitter or Facebook but then you don’t often see a 3 year old or indeed, a 103 year logging on to check their personal messages do you? Wheaties may be the Breakfast of Champions but poster distribution will have you a champion in your own right; reigning supreme in your trade.

With amazing rates and incredible results; High Viz Publicity professional poster distribution- like Wendy’s- have no beef in talking to you more about how they can help you.

Like a hotdog at a hamburger party, make sure you stand out from the crowd and visit to find out more.



We found that poster distribution was highly effective at generating local interest. We used a Coventry based company called High Viz Publicity to design, implement and run our poster campaigns and have been very impressed.